Monday, August 6, 2018

Home Automation Project Thanks TO PCBWay

Hello Dear Friends
i Make Lots Of  Project And PCB By OWN But This Time Special . i Order My PCB At World Best PCB Manufacturer PCBWay .

PCBWay offers all the usual PCB fabrication services - PCB Prototypes, Assembly, Flexible PCBs.
With High All Quality PCB.

I'll talk about the ordering, payment, shipping and their web site later. First lets see the end product. My boards took about 3 days to manufacture and then another 15 days for delivery (via China Post).But Its 3-7 Day Time If You Order Via DHL Service . It was a very quick turnaround time. When my boards arrived I was surprised to see them packaged in a box......

The surprises didn't stop there. PCBWay Provide Best Packing Service With Vacuum Seal .
And Thanks To PCBWay To Provide Extra 1 PCS . i order 10 PCS But PCBWay Send Me 11 PCS its really great .

Now that I've covered the physical product, lets have a look at the web site experience. PCBWay starts out pretty much identical to any other Chinese PCB fab web site. You create a quote by entering in your PCB dimensions, choosing the number of layers, material, thickness, colour, etc. Very stock standard here. The prices vary but are all on the low end. My order came in at $5 for a pack of 10 Prototype PCBs.
Calculated Price 
But You Can Get PCB Way Free PCB 
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Then you can upload your PCB files. Gerber is the recommended format but PCBWay will accept others like Eagle .brd files. They don't guarantee that the PCBs will come out as you expect if you use formats other than Gerber however. There are a couple of tutorials on their website and blog to show how to convert Eagle files to Gerber - here and here
Unfortunately there was no Gerber viewer included on the PCBWay web site so there was no easy way to verify your project was converted correctly. I ended up using Online Gerber Viewer 

It wouldn't let me pay and the status was 'Subject to audit'. It turns out that someone at PCBWay inspects your uploaded files before they are accepted and before you can pay for the order. That took about 5-10 minutes and then my order was approved and ready to pay

After payment my order was off to be fabricated. There was a nice status display at the top of the order page...
You Can Check  Fabrication Progress
 Then PCBWay Provide Shipping Details

Last Thanks To PCBWay For MY Project .

I Will Update Project Details Soon Visit This Link To Get Free PCB From PCBWay